Whether you are expecting your first, second or 7th child, or you have just delivered your newborn child, congratulations from us!

Memories are very important to us as parents. Before you know it, your maternity journey is over. And before you can say "I need sleep", your newborn baby has grown out of his/her newborn clothes. We have a teenage son and we occasionally flip through his baby's photos and reminisce the cute old days. As my wife always says -"The days are long, but the years are short". Capturing the memories of your maternity journey and the first few days of your newborn will always be cherished.

In this website, please feel free to browse through our portfolio and our respective rates. Some of you may have difficulty in deciding whether to sign up with us for the sessions. After all, there are many maternity and/or newborn photography studios in Singapore. We usually advise our clients on 2 deciding factors -

(1) Do you like our style of styling and photography and, (2) does the rates commensurate with the quality photos that you will be receiving? Take some time to research the studios you like. We hope you find the right one because you deserve the best.

If you have any queries, just drop us a message and we get back to you asap.

Alex & Sara

Little Buttercup Studio

“"Tomorrow's memories, made today.”